I Heart Revolution Galactic Chocolate Palette


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The I Heart Revolution Galactic Chocolate Palette lets you create eye looks that are out of this world. An intergalactic mixture of universal pinks, cosmic shimmers, spaced out blues and earthy browns for the most creative looks in the galaxy. Combine them in infinite ways to make your starry eyes pop!

Use as an eyeshadow or highlight areas of your face to shine like the brightest star in the Universe.

Apply with a dry brush or wet the brush with one of the I Heart Revolution Fixing sprays for a dazzling finish.

Eyeshadow shades:

Supernova – matte pale cream
Constellation – deep shimmery taupe
Asterism – shimmery rosey pink
Black Hole – grey shimmer with a silver shift
Cosmic Crush – muted purple shimmer
Moon Rocks – taupe brown matte
Interstella – plum pink shimmer
Out Of Space – plum shimmer
One Small Step – champagne gold shimmer
Solar Flare – blue shimmer
Seen From Mars – muted brown matte
Alien Chic – red brown shimmer
Intergalactic – grey shimmer
Dark Matter – pale caramel matte
Andromeda – deep plum matte
Far Far Away – deep shimmery black
Space Queen – pink shimmer
Eclipse – deep grey shimmeretallic

Επιπρόσθετες Πληροφορίες

Βάρος 206 g
Διαστάσεις 18 × 8.5 × 2 cm


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